Neil deGrasse Tyson On The World Ending

quotWe Might Have 100 Years Leftquot Neil deGrasse Tyson On

Neil deGrasse Tyson On The World Ending. Astrophysicist and author Neil deGrasse Tyson joins Piers Morgan Uncensored for one of the most fascinating interviews we’ve had. Piers asks him how long we have on Earth, to which Neil replies it could be a little as 100 years if we don’t do anything about climate change.

Neil then explains some other theories as to how the world could end, including the theory that eventually the sun will run out of fuel in its core and expand until it eventually collides with Earth. Don’t worry though, he explains this might take up to 19 billion years to happen, much like The Big Rip theory he explains. Piers then references his interview with Stephen Hawking on whether Artificial Intelligence will end humanity and asks Neils his thoughts on the matter.

Piers then asks what is the one thing Neil is obsessed with figuring out and Neil explains that he would love to understand the different space time continuums you see when entering a Black Hole. Finally, Piers asks Neil what he would do with his final moments if the world was ending – watch to find out what he says!

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