Neil DeGrasse Tyson On Space Travel

Neil DeGrasse Tyson39s Thoughts On The CURRENT Billionaire Space Travel

Neil DeGrasse Tyson On Space Travel. Translating science for popular culture isn’t easy and only a handful of people have pulled it off over the years like Carl Sagan and Bill Nye. Neil deGrasse Tyson is part of that rarefied club, courtesy of his verbal dexterity, down-to-earth intelligence, warmth and humor that enables him to regale talk show hosts and do theater tours around the country like an A-list stand-up comic or band.

The heralded astrophysicist is currently on the road with his live show that explores the intersection of cinema and science. Tyson’s newest book, coming out Tuesday called “Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization,” is a philosophical exploration on how to approach life from a contextual scientific viewpoint rather than preconceived notions or “common knowledge.” For instance, he wants people to understand what “space” actually means when billionaires like Jeff Bezos are shooting celebrities such as William Shatner into so-called “space.”

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